Happy Chick Tekken 3

Happy Chick Tekken 3: You need to become the king right from the first tournament of the game. The Arcade fighting game that was initially released for the PlayStation in 1998. The latest tekken3 series features a cast of 23 characters altogether.

Happy Chick Tekken 3

You need to beat them using the Tekken force mode and defeat the evil soldiers that have been recruited by their Bosses. Collect the keys and unlock the doctor, who is a unique creature in the game. There is a bonus Tekken ball that is similar to a volleyball game. You need to apply specific punches and kicks to when it. 


  • You can play more games like Tekken 3 in the emulator and PlayStation 1.
  • The game has an excellent rating out of hundred based upon 6835 users.
  • So if you ever enjoyed playing the game during your childhood.
  • You would give a green flag to the latest series as well.
  • The free online arcade game brings you the best without needing to download it offline.

How to download Tekken 3 using Happy chick?

Playing the old aged, retro games was never so easy until and unless we had happy chick emulator collection at our disposal. The unique simulator is convenient and customisable.

  • Visit the main page of Happy Chick where you would get the application download and installation option.
  • Choose the blue colour download APK option followed by a green coloured install option.
  • Check out the Download Manager that has got the featured emulator that has a lot of hidden content within.
  • Lookup for the Tekken 3 digital game and right there you can install the game on your device.
  • Make sure that you have some extra Rom in your device because downloading the game along with the emulator requires considerable space and Ram.
  • Enjoy playing game on your device without any hassle.

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