Happy Chick Super Mario 64

Happy chick Super Mario 64: The 3D version of the classic Super Mario Bros has already made so many users crazy. Earlier, the Mario series released on the 16-bit platform that received tremendous recognition and appreciation.

The realistic Shadows, smoke, flowers, and bullets are merely stunning in 3D Technology. You can use the Ultra powers that the little Mario personally carries. The Mario can flaunt his little butt and profile against fire pits and malignant obstructions.

Happy chick Super Mario 64

The high-level Mario game has been themed to give you a clear cut introduction to the grassy plains, Lava, underwater seems and much more. It has exciting levels and things that anybody would have never seen before. the graphics flooded with textured maps mountains and bonus coins. Also, there is no shortage of real-life feel in the latest version. In this application, you will get amazing features to play the game as your convenient.


  • You will love to enjoy the water scenes and Mario eating fish that eventually start circling him.
  • The first appearance of Mario came in the Donkey Kong.
  • This levels bring a high level of excitement and create a lot of adventure With The Spectacular animation in the game-play.

How to install Super Mario 64 using happy chick emulator?

  • Downloading Happy Chick emulator that has a medium-size doesn’t require much space of your device. Subsequently, you can install your favourite games through this.
  • Tick mark downloads from the unknown resources and eventually navigate to the official website of happy chick emulator from the links available online.
  • You need to press the OK button after the download starts.
  • You will figure out the APK file of the happy chick emulator in the download section. From that, you can check out Super Kart 64 and download the game on your Android smartphone.

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