Happy Chick Dragon Ball

Happy Chick Dragon Ball: The Dragon Ball super card game is fundamentally about the match held between two Gamer. Altogether, there are 50 battle cards three different types. The leader cards, the battle cards, and the extra card have their significance individually.

Happy Chick Dragon Ball

Happy Chick, To win the game, you need to deal with what kind of cards the opponent throws. The type of card The Other player has reduced or increases your life. There are specific Awards of the game that help you to feel the revolution in the fierce battle.

When you think that there is a tight spot, choose the awakening card that can allow you to become empowered right away. You can also choose the combos to support yourself in the battle and fight more intensely.


  • The leader card talks about the mains of the game.
  • They located on the field during the starting of the game.
  • The battle card, on the other hand, is quite essential for battling with the use cast of characters that use animated illustrations.
  • The extra tickets are compelling and take charge of the game when you need to expand the battle strategies.

How to download Dragon Ball using a happy chick emulator?

  • If you don’t believe us, it’s that easy to install a happy chick emulator in case you have an Android smartphone. Directly the official website has the link for it.
  • For all the iOS users, using a happy chick emulator requires the installation of emus4 first. After that, you can download the happy check followed by your favourite game that includes the Dragon Ball card game.

The happy chick emulator has got tons of options for all the digital Gamer who are looking forward to increasing their fun level. It’s a quality gaming emulator for all. Play Snow Bros Mario Game.

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