Happy Chick Disney Aladdin

Happy chick Disney Aladdin: If you always loved the Aladdin character during your childhood, the digital gameplay conversion is  going to impress you a lot more than the normal. You can enjoy the modern digital game through your PC or Xbox. The 16 bit titles are comforting and comprehensive in their own way.

Happy Chick Disney Aladdin

You can enjoy the Gameplay in high pixels, apply filters and recreate certain looks and get back to the early 90s. It’s absolutely your wish whether you want to play the game on super game boy, Genesis or game boy. In case the game feels slightly difficult, you can always reverse it back and choose certain interactive game viewer that makes you ready for the game. There are clever cheat codes for infinite lives and providing more immunity.


  • Aladdin once downloaded through Happy Chick would take you towards the virtual museum that includes development histories soundtracks and artwork.
  • You are going to receive certain bonus in the form of 1993 trade point the latest release is available for just $30 at Amazon, Walmart and GameStop.
  • There is no denying the fact that the modern day games require proper gaming consoles in order to enjoy them better.
  • Although, you can play it in your PC but the fact that you would get while playing the Aladdin digital game on a dedicated gaming console is simply impeccable.

 How to download Aladdin through happy chick?

  • visit the official happychick.hk website and you will get a download option right there.
  • you can download Happy chick APK file from our home page.
  • choose the download option from that page and a message will prompt you towards the installation of happy chick application.
  • Once you have completed the installation, it’s time to to download Aladdin through this.

The homepage of the happy chick application has got Aladdin and other digital games that you can straight away installed on your smartphone, or PC. Also play Battle City from Happy Chick.

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