Happy Chick Battle City

Happy Chick Battle City: The shooter video game was initially published in 1985 by Nam-co. Recently, the game has been revised and released for digital Gamer for better fun. The opponent tries to destroy your camp, and you need to keep yourself protected and up-throw the opponent.

 You will be expected to collect specific power-up to keep yourself alive. Further, the game becomes challenging as the level increases. The power of can helps you to receive more lives, gunshots and stars. You can also receive sure bombs that can destroy the opponents at once.

Happy Chick Battle City

The 8-bit video game was launched by Nintendo entertainment system during 1983. During that time, more than 60 million years old.


  • Play the game on your mobile using this emulator.
  • The downloading process is easy and straightforward.
  • User graphical experience is good.

How to download Battle City using playful chick?

You always need an emulator to support a game that has high-end work-ability. Moreover, if it is and old age games like Battle City, there is no other better option apart from the happy chick. The fundamental features of the emulator ensure that playing the easy game right.

  • Install the Happy Chick emulator in your Android from iOS and PC using the relevant links.
  •  After the installation executed, you can figure out the battle City game on the homepage.
  • Begin with the installation so that you can feel the game even better.
  • Now enjoy playing the game on your device.

Play Happy Chick Hook game from this emulator.

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